Pôvodné Plantronics Explorer 500/E500 In-Ear Slúchadlá Bezdrôtová 4.1 Slúchadlá S Vysoko-kvalitný Zvuk Mikrofón Pre Xiao

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Pôvodné Plantronics Explorer 500 In-Ear Slúchadlá Bezdrôtová 4.1 Slúchadlá S Vysoko-kvalitný Zvuk Mikrofón Pre SamSung Xiao

  • Je bezdrôtové: Áno
  • Funkcia: Šport
  • Podpora APLIKÁCIÍ: Áno
  • Kodeky: ŽIADNE
  • Číslo Modelu: Explorer 500
  • Štýl: In-Ear
  • Komunikácia: Bezdrôtové
  • Konektory: ŽIADNE
  • Ovládanie Hlasitosti: Áno
  • Odolnosť: 18ΩΩ
  • Bezdrôtové Typ: Bluetooth
  • Citlivosť: 108dBdB
  • S Mikrofónom: Áno
  • Aktívne Tlmenie Hluku-Zrušenie: Áno
  • Dĺžka Riadok: Nonem
  • Pôvod: CN(Pôvodu)
  • Ovládacie Tlačidlo: Áno
  • Nepremokavé: No
  • Vocalism Princíp: Dynamický
  • Podpora Pamäťovej Karty: No
  • Názov Značky: Plantronics


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Been using for 3 days now, working great. Fast shipping, packed well.
The headset is not Black (Black), but silver with a gray front surface. In general, even original: in Russia this coloring was never sold. At the same time, for inaccuracy of description only 4 out of 5. On quality everything is on the level: I already have the third plantonics M500. Keeps this model medium: 6-7 hours of conversation. But very light and with small "chips", for example, if you turn on the headset with an incoming call, after loading, she will pick up the phone herself. And also included a very convenient and reliable flat charging cable with magnetic ends: it is worth bringing them together-it turns out a loop and is so reliable that you can at least wear it on your belt-it will not catch up.
Everything works. Shipping fast. Packed perfectly. Originals.
Raz One82
Perfect feel Thanks for the gift